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Our goal is to spark interest in the space industry and to provide a starting point for those looking to pursue space-related careers in their future

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Throughout our application process, we ensure that every delegate at QSC is forward thinking and dedicated to seeking out opportunities. It is these students that you want working for your company.


Each year at QSC we host a Platinum networking event that brings together all the speakers, sponsors, and VIP delegates. Everyone in the room will have something to offer, enabling you to develop relationships and expand your circle of influence.

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Your company can be featured in QSC's newsletters that will reach all faculties and groups at Queen's and beyond. With us, your company will have the ability to share its story to all the delegates, to build brand recognition, and to make a lasting impact. Helping out with QSC will not only enable the next generation of space enthusiasts but also expand the your company's reach.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Speakers & Sponsor Director Erik Sultmanis

Erik Sultmanis e.sultmanis@qsconference.com