On the Brink of a New World: Outer Space!

Two year, with help from the brilliant QSC 2018 executive team, NASA sent a manned space exploration mission to a distant galaxy in search of alien life or some other interesting discovery. After traveling through a wormhole, disaster struck! Their ship engines malfunctioned, and the exploration crew was forced to crash land on a nearby planet. With funding from NASA, the amazing QSC 2020 executive team has assembled and trained a rescue team of the best and brightest astronauts Earth has to offer. Their captain is a highly qualified and experienced pioneer with a deep longing for interstellar adventure… YOU!

Your mission is simple, locate and rescue the exploration team, don’t come back until you’ve found everyone. Hopefully, they’ll have made some interesting discoveries while they’ve been stranded. Your journey will be dangerous, and you have limited fuel and oxygen supplies, during your mission you must make your decisions carefully and conserve resources.

As you exit the same wormhole, your ship’s locator shows you are near the center of the Andromeda galaxy. You scan nearby planets and see three potential worlds with signs of life. Hopefully you’re not too late!

Choose your path well, the stranded exploration crew are depending on you! And good luck, wherever that path may lead.



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